Attendees of  the Mentor Power Hour learned how to be intentional about building their careers.

Human resource expert Ivie Martins Ogbonmwan who talked about her career and business journey. She explained how she started out as a graduate of law who found herself employed in the marketing and media sector. She eventually found her passion in Human Resources. Ivie emphasised that millennials need to grow and own their hustle. She listed four points to hold dear; Clarity, Action, Internships, Volunteering and have a side hustle.

Lola Coker-Shojobi, founder of Resource Africa Group, came up with the three Ps for a successful career.

1. (Be) Professional- Make a to-do list for the next day on the previous day. This improves productivity and helps achieve business goals. Always be a go-to person when it comes to matters involving your field.

2. Person- Be specific about the persons you ask to mentor you and always build meaningful relationships.

3. Personal- Look out for communities to network.  Also, explore courses for self development. You can check Udemy and skill shares for this.

Finally, attendees received one-on-one mentoring and asked questions about scaling their careers and businesses. The best takeaways were:

  • Tailor your resume to fit the role you are applying for
  • Learn soft skills like interviewing tips and pitching ideas
  • Put your brand’s solution in your customer’s face
  • Outsource roles you know you can’t handle or are too busy to work on

In all, always take your time to scale your hustle.

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