For many flying outside of West Africa, dealing with visas and flights to Nigeria can be a headache. Last year, I gave you tips on getting an inexpensive flight to Lagos. I’ve updated the information with a few more tools to ensure you spend the least amount of money on your fare.



It all starts with being prepared. Create a twitter list to keep track of cheap flights. I have a list that alerts me to amazing deals. I booked a flight to Nairobi from New York for $273USD and a trip to Jo’burg  for $293USD. Sites on my twitter list called “Cheap Flights” include:


The Flight Deal


Fare Deal Alert

Cheap Flights Twitter List

Cheap Flights Twitter List

I can’t promise you a price that low to Lagos. But, for example, there was a fare from Washington DC to Lagos for $877USD posted on The Flight Deal. Creating a twitter list and checking it daily can save you hundreds of dollars.

The Flight Deal

Great fare on The Flight Deal


Leaving Monday – Thursdays can get you the best deals on flights. Social Media Week Lagos 2015 falls on February 23rd – 27th. If you want to get in town a few days early, Thursday February 19th may be a good day to fly in.



Figure out the dates you want to fly and then be flexible. Leaving a few days earlier or later can get you some serious savings. Get to know the ITA Matrix Search. You can plug in your dates and see multiple dates, airlines and prices for your trip.

Matrix Airport Plug In

 Priced on ITA Travel Matrix


Once you see a flight that works for you go ahead and book it. If you’re booking a super-low fare you found on The Flight Deal, for example, you’ll need quick fingers. My flights to Nairobi and Johannesburg was a matter of book now, ask questions later. The only thing I researched in the short time I had was how easy (or difficult) it would be to get a visa. Once I had that information, I booked. You’ll have more considerations depending on where you’re going, if you’re traveling with children or in a group or traveling on short notice. But since you’re prepping for your trip to SMW Lagos you can go ahead and start researching now 🙂

Information for getting a visa to Nigeria can be found here:

Share your tips on getting a cheap flight. My information was very North-America-centric. But I’m curious to know what you folks in Europe, Asia and South America use to get deals. And of course I’d love to know what others on the continent do!


The theme for Social Media Week Lagos 2015 is Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of a Connected Africa. If you have any questions about traveling to the conference, please contact yours truly at I hope to see you in Lagos.



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